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Luporini Holdings is more than just a passive investor, we are a dynamic holding company specializing in developing and supporting each company under our wing. Projects are carefully selected by our team to ensure the perfect fit. We take a hands-on approach to every new venture, actively developing each business to its fullest potential. We offer a range of services, from visual marketing, web design, and logo design, to business development and product conceptualization. Our services are personalized to fit the needs of each of our partners. 

We are with you every step of the way.  

– Alex Luporini

Our Company

Luporini Holdings specializes in developing brands, umbrellas, and multi-use corporations. Every business in our portfolio has been meticulously cultivated from the ground up in-house. Whether it’s Real Estate Investment Firms, Fitness Conglomerates, or Software Companies, we take pride in building every project from scratch and we strive to always be on the forefront of design. Our ownership share is never a majority, so companies are free to grow on their own terms.


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TFlexx is the brainchild of Tristian ‘TFlexx’ Coburn. A fitness conglomerate with a focus on creating gym brands and custom corporate and private gyms. TFlexx is capable of building fully bespoke gyms. With a wholesaling branch and a personal training certification branch, TFlexx can deploy gyms in record time with custom merchandise, products, and quality trainers that help solidify each gym as a unique entity.

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Radius at Parramore

Radius is a real estate development company with a focus on reinvigorating the Parramore neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. A first location is currently being built at 777 W Central. Consisting of a 12 restaurant food hall, pop-up shops, a Barcade, and a Biergarten by Orlando Brewing Co. The location will connect with Victrus Gym to build an environment that allows a multitude of uses. Live music, game nights, Karaoke, and many more exciting things to come.

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Forma management is a Real Estate Investment firm with a focus on renovations, rental properties, and sales of homes and apartments. Forma has a dedicated team that designs, builds, updates, and manages the properties it owns. With a management team of over 20 years of experience, Forma has a solid background capable of achieving its deadlines. Forma only invests in properties it can fully purchase without financing, allowing profit to be reached quickly.

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  Luporini Holdings is a Dynamic Holding Company, alternating from a passive ownership structure to active development when new projects begin. Specializing in developing brands, umbrellas, and multi-use corporations; LH strives to be on the forefront of design. Projects are carefully selected by our team with the goal of aiding in the buildout of each company. From visual marketing like logos, websites, and 3d design, to concept building, business structures and product development. We provide services based on the requirements of each company.

Every business in our portfolio has been developed in-house, filling a wide range of markets. Whether it’s Real Estate Investments, Commercial Development, Fitness Conglomerates, or Software Companies; we  take pride in building projects from the ground up. Our ownership share is never a majority so companies are free to grow on their own terms. For more information, visit our ‘About’ page.

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Note: We are currently booked throughout 2020. We do check all emails and reply within (7) business days.